Introducing the finalists!

Hello everyone!

We’re very excited to announce the five finalists selected by the preliminary judging panel for the next round of pitching. In no particular order, the finalists are:

  • Zarabica - a coffee business dedicated to providing marginalised Filipino youth with the opportunities to develop sustainable art literacy skills. Created by Piper Yu in the Philippines. 

  • Political Creators - an initiative to engage and educate young people about politics and current affairs through content. Created by Kayleigh Low & Noelle Ng in Singapore.

  • Weblang 2.0 - a platform to provide an enriching culturally relevant language learning experience. Created by Hanqi Xiao, Shravan Gooty, Zian Chen, Nicholas Copland & Audrey Biller in the United States of America.

  • Feed - a project that reduces food waste by streamlining the supply chain through seamless food transactions and intuitive food planning. Created by Jamie Emilie Alabin, Jove Calalo, Javier Luis Barreiro & Dani Peralta in the Philippines. 

  • Mrembo - a sustainable makeup line that caters to a wide range of skin tones. Created by Nandini Nair, Priscilla Silfanus & Sanjana Vedula in Singapore.

Congratulations to all the finalists and everyone who submitted a project! If you’re interested in future competitions run by The Innovation Circuit, follow us on Instagram: @innovationcircuit. Furthermore, if you’d like a certificate please email

Thanks so much,

Sam & the Innovation Circuit Team

About The Challenge

Calling all students aged 12 to 19 in APAC! The Innovation Challenge is your chance to tackle the critical issues that your community faces. As an individual or as a team (5 people at most) you'll identify a issue, create an idea to solve that issue and then pitch your idea. The best pitch will win a SGD 1,000 cash prize to help kickstart the team's idea.

The Process

Stage 1: Project Formulation

The first stage of the process is to come up with a problem and a solution (here's a great guide for this). From there you'll need to form a pitch that includes the issue you're solving, your idea, the impact of your idea and your idea's feasibility.

Stage 2: The Qualifying Round (up until 4th April)

In this stage, all teams who wish to participate will submit a video (max. 5 minutes) with their pitch as a video on Devpost below by April 4th.

Stage 3: The Finals (April 30th)

The top five teams from the Qualifying Round will be invited to take place in the finals by April 4th. In the finals they'll deliver a 5-10 minute pitch live in front of a panel of judges and then answer questions for another 5 minutes. The winning team will subsequently be selected. The finals will take place on Saturday April 30th, finalists will receive all the details.

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Participating in another hackathon this weekend?

We'd love you to submit your project! As the Innovation Challenge doesn't follow the traditional hackathon model (the focus is on coming up with an idea and we don't require a prototype), we've added an option when submitting to join the "Traditional Hackathon Projects" track. If you check this box, we'll focus our judging on the prototype instead of the idea. 


For the premilinary round the following is required:

  • A pitch video that is at most five minutes long
  • A short summary of your idea

The "About the project" & "Built with" questions are not going to be judged and are optional, so you can put in "N/A" if you don't wish to fill them out.

For the finals, a prototype is encouraged but not required. 

Hackathon Sponsors


$1,500 in prizes

The Grand Prize ($1,000 SGD)

The Grand Prize is judged on innovation, impact, presentation and feasibility. This prize, alongside the others below, will be presented after the finals.

The Ezsy Prize ($250 SGD)

Inspired by our sponsor Ezsy, this prize will go to the team / individual whose idea is the best at making people’s lives ezsy-ier.

The Best Presented Prize ($250 SGD)

This prize will go to the team / individual who displays the best presentation skills in their pitch at the finals. This prize has been sponsored by the ASEAN Fintech Group.

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:


Alexander Foo

Alexander Foo
CEO ~ Wattah Pte Ltd

Lysan Chew

Lysan Chew
Manging Director ~ Amorepacific (Singapore)

Ray Lim Zu Yi

Ray Lim Zu Yi
Consultant ~ Deloitte Consulting

Donna Daritan

Donna Daritan
Incubation Manager ~ SMU Institute of Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Judging Criteria

  • Innovation
    To score highly show the judges what’s new and unique about your idea.
  • Impact
    To score highly show how your idea would have a major impact in solving the issue you identified.
  • Presentation
    To score highly have a well structured with consistent high quality relevant content.
  • Feasibility
    To score highly show the judges how you’d implement your idea (implementing it is not required though).

Questions? Email the hackathon manager

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